Amazing Pig

A reporter hears about an amazing pig and goes out to the farm in northwich to get the story. He finds the farmer near the barn and asks him if the rumors about his pig are true.

“Yep,” says the farmer. “I got a pig that started squealing real loud
when the house was on fire. He woke us all up and so we all got to
safety. Otherwise we might have been killed. That’s some pig.”

“And didn’t the pig save your boy from drowning?” asked the reporter.

“Yep, he raced right into the pond and pulled my little boy out by his shirt collar. Saved his life,” the farmer says, wiping a tear from his eye.

“Wow, I’d like to see this pig,” the reporter says.

“Well, come on over here.”

The farmer leads the reporter over to a nearby pen. There in the mud the reporter sees a pig with a wooden leg.

“Why does he have a wooden leg?”

The farmer replies, “Well, you don’t eat a pig like that all at fucking once.