Corona Virus Jokes

Many parents are about to discover that the teacher was not the problem.

They said gloves and a mask would be sufficient to go to the supermarket. They lied, everyone else had their clothes on..

If you’re happy and you know it… wash your hands.

So how come it’s only men & women getting killed by this Coronavirus? How come all the other 800 genders aren’t getting wiped out?

ISIS: We are reluctantly laying off all suicide bombers , due to insufficient crowd sizes.

The amount of jokes about coronavirus virus has reached worrying numbers.
Scientists claim we are in the middle of a pundemic.

Due to the Quarantine, I’ll only be telling inside jokes.

Now would be a good time to pave the roads.

“Ask not what staying home on the couch can do for you, but what staying home on the couch can do for your country.”

There will be a baby boom in 9 months, after this thing pass but them babies will be known as the Quaranteens

That moment when you’re worried about the elderly and realize that you ARE the elderly.


Do you rember the song China in your hand from the 80s…….

Because every time I sneeze its like having China in your hand

And the best part is the germs just shuffle off it