iPhone Quotes

  1.  iphone quotesSo excited for the Apple Watch. For centuries, we’ve checked the time by looking at our phones. Having it on your wrist? Genius.
  2. £900 pound for an iPhone 6? Airplane mode better take me on holiday
  3. I’m still pondering whether to buy the new IPhone 6 or use the money to buy a lifetime supply of clothes for the family from Primark.
  4. With the new Apple Watch, you only have to pull your hand out of your pocket to let everyone know that you’re a cu*t.
  5. The new apple map is totally futuristic, its like what the world is gonna look like after 2012 apocalypse.
  6. So.. your changing your iPhone 4 just for a half inch?? Hope your girlfriend doesn’t do the same…
  7. If they made Siri a man’s voice I’d trust the directions more.
  8. Android > BlackBerry > Nokia > Fax > Land phone > 2 cans and a string > Message in a bottle > Pigeon with a note taped to it > iPhone with iOS 6
  9. “Fcuk you and your iPhone 5” is what I’ll be saying until I also get one.
  10. We designed iPhone 5 to fit your hand. Just where your money used to be.
  11. BREAKING NEWS: Apple sues Apple, because the iPhone 5 looks exactly like the previously release iPhone 4….
  12. After a long wait, the people of Liverpool finally got the news they wanted… The new iPhone will be available to rob later this month.
  13. The new iPhone 5 will totally revolutionize the way I send all of your calls straight to voice mail.
  14. Ironically, the kind of people who queue all night to buy an iPhone 5 have very few friends to call when they get it.
  15. Now that the iPhone 5 is out, I’m starting to wonder if  2 kidneys are really all that necessary..
  16. I was hoping Apple would replace Siri with Morgan Freeman on the iPhone 5
  17. An apple fan walks into a bar.. Orders the same drink as yesterday, but pays more..
  18. This joke was sent from the iPhone 5 I’ll be buying in a few months using Apple’s new ‘Time Travel’ feature.
  19. iPhone 5: Still no toothpick 🙁
  20. I would probably buy the iPhone5 if it kept me from drunk dialing my exes.
  21. Got a free iPad and iPhone today. It’s like this gun is magic.