Viva Las Vegas!

This may come as a surprise to those of you not living in Las Vegas, but there are more Catholic churches there than casinos. Not surprisingly, some worshippers at Sunday services will give casino chips rather than cash when the basket is passed. ….
Since they get chips from so many different casinos, the churches have devised a method to collect the offerings. The churches send all their collected chips to a nearby Franciscan Monastery for sorting and then the chips are taken to the casinos of origin and cashed in.

This is done by the chip monks.

Didn’t see that comin’, did ya???

10th wedding Anniversary

A couple were lying in bed together on the morning of their 10th wedding Anniversary when the wife says:
‘Darling, as this is such a special Occasion I think that it is time I made a confession……
Before we were married I Was a hooker for eight years..’

The husband ponders for a moment and then looks into his wife’s eyes and Says, ‘my love, you have been a perfect wife for 10 years!
And I cannot Hold your past against you..
Maybe you could show me a few tricks of the trade so as to spice up our Sex life a bit..?’

She said, ‘Darling I don’t think you understood me correctly, I played rugby for Australia…