Flood of Tears

The newly-married husband came home from the office to find his young wife in floods of tears.

“Darling, whatever is the matter?” he asked.

“Sweetheart,” she sobbed, “The most terrible thing has happened! I cooked my very first Beef Bourguignon for you, and I got it out of the oven to season it, and the phone rang. When I came back from answering the phone,” she sobbed again. “I found that the cat had eaten it!”

“Don’t worry, darling,” said her husband. “Don’t cry. We can get a new cat tomorrow.”

Have The Bate

I was fishing with my Italian friend Mario.

“I’m bored,” I said. “How can we pass the time?”

“We could have a debate,” he replied.

“No thanks,” I said, “I’ve brought sandwiches.”

101 Dalmations

A South Korean family go into a Disneyland restaurant.

Dad looks at the menu and says “The 101 Dalmatians please”