Funny Oscar Pistorius Jokes, Statuses & Tweets

  1. And to think, they once told Oscar Pistorius he’d never walk.
  2. So, it looks like Oscar Pistorius is going to get away with murder. That’s very disturbing news… For my wife, who’s just gone for a piss.
  3. What does England and Oscar Pistorius have in common? Looks like both will get away Scot free.
  4. Thanks to the Pistorius verdict, millions of South African women are shitting themselves…. …instead of using a toilet.
  5. Apparently it’s ok to shoot someone who’s unarmed if you’re unlegged
  6. Thanks to Pistorius, all the South African Public bathroom doors have had the “Vacant / Engaged” signs changed to “Shoot / Don’t Shoot”
  7. Oscar Pistorius brings a whole new meaning to taking your missus out on Valentine’s Day.
  8. This Valentines Day I hope you got shot by Cupid and not a legless Olympic sprinter.
  9. Nike has to stop it with this “Just do it”. First it was Tiger Woods. Then Lance Armstrong. And now Oscar Pistorius.
  10. Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pistorius, Tiger Woods all sponsored by Nike. Perhaps they should change there slogan to “Don’t do it!”
  11. If Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorius have taught us anything, it’s don’t trust athletes with missing body parts