BBC News today:

BBC News today: A 4-year-old boy has memorised virtually every bus service in the capital. Ishaal Yewale can tell you which bus route to take, day or night. His father, Jayant, says that Ishaal’s always been fascinated with public transport and has been reading bus maps for the past eight months. Is anyone suspicious of … Read more

As I stood there in the stable

As I stood there in the stable next to my trusty steed the vet said “I’ve had to inject him with Ketamine to calm him down to carry out his medical” … I abruptly replied “But I was going to ride him after you’d finished” … the vet snapped back “DON’T YOU GET ON YOUR … Read more

sausage roll

Greggs replace Jesus with a sausage roll in Christmas advert: I wonder if the hilarious boys at Greggs would have the fucking bottle to take the piss out of Islam and replace Muhammad with a bacon sandwich in a Ramadan advert? ===