Best Friend’s Wife

I was having sex with a friends wife, the phone rang. I heard it was her husband. I freaked & started getting dressed. … She hung up, told me not to worry. He told her he was gonna be late, he was out drinking with me.

3 In 3

A weeping woman bursts into her hypnotherapist’s office and says, “Doctor, I have been faithful to my husband for 15 years, but yesterday I broke that trust and had an affair! I was in a gangbang with 3 men all hung like horses, and at one point all 3 of my holes were penetrated. The … Read more

Pretty Lonely

Since splitting up with my girlfriend, I’ve been feeling pretty lonely at times. Last night it came to a head, lying naked and horny in bed I did something I haven’t needed to do for quite a long time. I rolled over and cuddled the wife.