How Many Fingers

A blonde gets knocked off her bike and takes a nasty whack to the head. A paramedic rushes over to check her for injuries. “How many fingers have I got up?” She suddenly bursts into tears. “Fuck me, I’m a paralysed from the waist down, I can’t feel any”

Blonde Siding

Two blondes decide their house needs new siding.. So they go out and buy the materials and return home to do the job. They decide it would be best for the first blonde to work on the front and the second on the back. After about an hour the first blonde goes to the back … Read more

Out the Door

My blonde girlfriend and I got into an argument because I accused her of being stupid. … Eventually she jumped up out of her chair and yelled, “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t walk out that door!” … I replied, “The plane hasn’t landed yet.”

Having Twins

A Blondie finds out shes going to have twins and starts crying. “Whats wrong” the doctor asked, “do you not want twins?” “No i don’t know who the second dad is.