Second Man On The Moon

I met Buzz Aldrin once and asked how he felt being the second man on the moon… “Well” he said, “it could have been anyone. Right up until we landed, we hadn’t decided who would be first out the door. Then, once we touched down, Neil suggested we toss for it.” “And he won?” I … Read more

The Bridge Railing

Rihanna, Usher and Justin Bieber were walking over a bridge. … Rihanna trips and gets her head stuck between the bridge railings. … Without a sideways glance, Usher pulls aside her G-String and fucks her senseless, doggy-style. … He stands back and tells Justin “Your turn”! … Justin burst out into tears. “Whats wrong? Asks … Read more


Tributes from around the globe pouring in after the death of Sir Roger Moore. One from Vladimir Putin read: “From Russia, with love.”

Stupid Names

Never give your kids stupid names. You might think it’s funny but they have to live with that for the rest of their lives. Take Kanye West for example. His kids, “North” and “Saint”. They’ve got to spend their whole lives telling people that their dad is called “Kanye”.