Dad And Me

By the time my dad was my age, he had started a business, owned a home and had 3 kids. Maybe if he wasn’t so busy, he could have taught me how to do any one of those things.

Grandma Gets a New Doctor

The doctor that had been seeing this 80 year old woman finally retired. At her next checkup, her new doctor told her to bring all of her medicines that had been prescribed to her. As the new doctor was going through them his eyes grew wide as he realized this grandmother had a prescription for … Read more

Wood Cutters

A man and a woman had a son named Charlie… It took the couple several years to have him, and he was the apple of both their eyes. One tragic day on the way home from Charlie’s middle school woodcutting competition, they hit a pot hole, the tire blew, and the car went swerving violently … Read more