Good Irish Catholics

Patrick and Mary, being good Irish Catholics, had so many children that they didn’t know what to do. Patrick says to Mary, “I think we need to get some advice from the parish priest. We can’t keep on with any more children.” So they went to see the priest and the priest says to them, … Read more

Job Hunting

Mick asked Paddy, “Whe’re you off to?” “I’m off to Grenfell Towers to get a job” replied Paddy. “What sort of job are you going to get there?” Asked Mick. “I’m not sure” said Paddy ” but I just heard on the news that they’re still looking for people”

Hundreds of Jobs

Mick asks Paddy “Whe’re you off to?” “Jeopardy” replied Paddy “Where the fuck is that?” asked Mick “I’m not too sure but I just heard on the news that there’s hundreds of jobs there”