The Nun, The Bride & The Prostitute

Little Johnny and his pal Billy were walking in the park when they passed three ladies eating bananas on a bench. “Howdy ladies,” Little Johnny said as he passed three women. “Do you know them?” Billy asked. “No,” Little Johnny replied, “I’ve never met the nun, the pro-stit-ute or the bride we just passed.” “How … Read more

Two of Them

A bloke is pottering about in his garage,changing his fan belt on his car,when little Johnny from next door walks in and say’s “do ya mind if I watch ya Mr?” “No not at all” replies the bloke and gets a spanner from his toolbox. Little Johnny say’s “My dad’s got 2 of them ya … Read more

First Trans-Atlantic crossing

The teacher asks her pupils, “Who made the first trans-Atlantic crossing in an aeroplane?” “Please Miss”, says little Johnny waving his arm furiously in the air, “Linford Christie”. Teacher, “No Johnny, it was Alcock and Brown” Johnny, “So’s Linford Christie”

Biggest Cock

The pretty young teacher enters the classroom to find “I’ve got the biggest cock in the school” written on the blackboard. The teacher says, “Alright, who did that?” Little Johnny immediately put his hand up. “Me, Miss,” he said. “Right, I want to see you after class”, says the teacher. Johnny turns to his mate … Read more