All About The Money

Two Jews are walking past a church. The signboard reads “Convert to Christianity today and earn $100!”
The first Jew says, “What a load of crap. Proselytizing schmucks!”
The second Jew says, “I don’t know, one hundred dollars is one hundred dollars.”
“You can’t be serious,” says the first guy.
“Watch me,” says the second guy and he goes into the church. About half an hour later he comes back out.
“Well?” says his friend. “Did they give you the one hundred dollars?”
The second guy says, “Oh, it’s always about the money with you people!”

Not You Again!

An Old Man is thrown out of a bar … A young man who was walking down the street says “Hey Old-Timer, what happened in there?”

The old man looks at him and says “Well son, I am Jesus Christ.”

“Jesus Christ?”, the young man replied skeptically.

“Yes my son, follow me”, the old man said as he walked into the bar.

As he enters, the bartender turns around and says “Jesus Christ! not you again!”