Parental Visit

Don’t ever pay a surprise visit to your child in college. You might be the one getting the surprise. I learned this the hard way when I swung by my son’s campus during a business trip. … Locating what I thought was his fraternity house, I rang the doorbell. “Yeah?” a voice called from inside. … Read more


The 4th grade teacher asked the children to use “detail” in a sentence. … … Almost everyone was dumbfounded, not knowing what the word “detail” meant… except, of course, Little Johnny, whose hand was raised high. … … She didn’t like to call on Johnny because he twisted just about everything into crude language, but … Read more

How Many Bulbs

Professor held an oral exam. He was in a good mood and the student that he questioned wasn’t prepared enough. ‘Look here, I can’t give you a passing grade based on your answers. I will however let you pass if you tell me how many lightbulbs there are in this room?’ The student counted carefully … Read more