Toddlers and drunks are EERILY similar!

Anyone who has raised, or even just been around, a toddler knows these things are true.
Toddlers and drunks are EERILY similar!
• No personal boundaries
• Falls over A LOT. Gets up, yells “I OK!” and keeps going
• Poor decision making skills
• Spontaneous vomiting
• Speaks gibberish
• Gets belligerent if you take away [insert favorite toy here] • Cries for no apparent reason
• Streaking (see #3)
• Philosophical conversations with inanimate objects
• Short attention span
• Argumentative
• Poor short term memory
• Zero inhibitions
• Loses everything
• Will pass out anywhere
• One track mind
• Demanding
• Getting them undressed (or redressed) is like wrestling an alligator
• Runs into things that haven’t moved…ever
• One volume setting – LOUD!