That’s the difference an erection makes

David Beckham has joked that when he is in bed with Victoria she always teases him for having such a small cock, but his teammates in the shower after football always compliment him on how massive it is.

Well, that’s the difference an erection makes…

I’m telling everybody!

A Jewish man went into a church and entered the confession booth. The priest welcomed him and asked him what he would like to talk about. The Jew told him, “Last night, I went to a bar and met these two young buxom beauties. I took them into a back alley and let them take turns sucking my shvantz over and over until I was satisfied, before taking them both home to make love all night.”
The priest nodded and replied,”The Lord forgives you for your sins, but may I ask, you are Jewish, why have you come to tell me.”
The Jewish man replied,”Tell you, are you kidding? I’m telling everybody!”