The President of Mexico

The president of Mexico back, in the 80’s, locked in the entire senate one good day.

“No one leaves till we have a solution to our crumbling economy!!”

3 days they discussed plans, but to no avail.

Finally, on day 4, one congressmen stands up and excitedly announces he has a plan!!!

“We’ll declare war on the USA.” he announced

“WHY would we want to do THAT?” asked the shocked president.

“Well,” explained the young man, “then they’ll invade us and we will become THEIR problem. We”ll be added to their welfare, the food stamps, the unemployment…see????”

The room exploded with men and women agreeing with the plan, but the President looked unconvinced…

“What is wrong with the plan?” asked the Vice president

“Well… it is all fine and good… but what happens if we win??