Penis Tray

A man goes to his doctor’s office to get his penis enlarged. The doctor comes in with a tray of penises, and the man says, ”You got any bigger ones?” The doctor comes in with another tray, but the man still wants something bigger. The doctor comes in with yet another tray, and the man … Read more

Can’t Stop Masturbating

A man go’s to the doctors and says “every time I think of black girls “. Doctor says “put this on and come back in a couple days and tell me how it’s been”. 2 days later he comes back and says” that is great, what was it?” Doctor says “It’s a niggerteen patch”.

Black Twins

My black neighbour is really upset because she’s just found out she’s having twins. She should consider it a blessing because it’s such a rare occurrence. I mean how often does a black woman have 2 children by the same father?