Unusual Death

This construction worker had climbed 20 stories to the job site. Once there he’d asked the foreman if he could go back down to take a leak.
Not wanting to lose the time, the foreman balanced on I-beam across another, stood on one end, and told the worker to walk out to the other end to pee.
While the worker was doing his business, the phone rang. The foreman, forgetting what he was doing, stepped off the I-beam and the worker plunged 20 stories to his death.
The next week the safety inspectors came by to conduct a routine investigation into the accident. They talked to the ground crew.
“I think it was sex-related,” offered one of the crew.
“Sex releated? How do you figure that?” said the investigator.
“Well, what made me look up was this guy coming down, dick in his hand, screaming, ‘where did that cocksucker go???'”